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Anetwork Academy

Anetwork (Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Iran) rebrand it's Academy that focused on educating digital marketing from beginner level to

In last decade Digital Marketing and Online Advertising roll out more than ever in Iran and generate a new way for marketers to make strategic decisions for the advertising and marketing of their companies. Anetwork Academy is one of comprehensive educational websites in Iran that focus on digital marketing education and update the audience of this field.

Anetwork Academy helps its target audience to learn digital marketing from beginner level to advanced. Contents of Anetwork Academy created by digital marketing experts and their experiments and experiences. Case studies, Articles and E-Books in Digital Marketing fields are the main contents of Anetwork Academy that includes:

SEO: Stands for Search Engine Optimization which helps website owners in improving search engine results and their ranks. Academy audience will find solutions that are speeding SEO process and help create better conditions.

Email Marketing: This marketing technique is known for its good return of investment. At the Academy, we focus on optimizing emails and bring samples that will influence your email marketing process.

Social Networks Marketing: Anetwork Academy focused on how businesses can improve their activities on social networks and planning a useful and suitable strategy for their social channels.

Content Marketing: You may hear Bill Gates famous “Content is King” quote. In Academy you can find the latest content marketing solutions that help you to make a better condition for your valuable contents.

Bannering: Bannering is one of useful digital marketing solutions that boost your brand awareness and help businesses to increase their sales and income. Anetwork Academy has its original solutions for better bannering campaign management.

Glossary: Online marketers can find a complete digital marketing glossary in this part of Academy.

Academy will launch on October 1st 2016 and you can find more information about this educational website from Team.

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