How Subject-Based Targeting Helps Advertisers


Have you ever thought about your target audience’s favorite subjects and topics and how can you use this kind of information to attract them to your products and services? Anetwork (leading digital agency in Iran) is one of the notable digital marketing companies that suggest subject-based targeting to its customers.

This service helps advertisers display their ads on websites with content related to their products and services. For example, if an advertiser is producing industrial walls, Anetwork can display their banners on industrial online magazines.

Subject-based targeting has a great influence on target audience’s attention. Anetwork provide about eleven subject targetings for advertisers who want to display their ads on related websites.

For example, News and Online Magazines, Education and Academies, Information Technology and Internet, Sports, Lifestyle, etc.

If you are interested in this service and need more information, contact Anetwork's customer care team.

Source: Anetwork